Why Giving to IDEA Matters

Help us improve education for all students

Arizona, like most states, is fixated on high-stakes standardized testing, and standardization in general, as the main vehicle for school accountability, despite strong evidence that our focus on this narrowly-defined notion of accountability and success has actually hindered, rather than supported, student learning — and, most egregiously, made the achievement gap between wealthy students and poor students even worse. (See Deborah Meier)

There is another way. The IDEA School aims to be a model for high standards in a community where all kids succeed, without falling into the trap of standardization.

Through consistent use of inquiry-based learning and the nurturing of a positive school culture, we are showing that students are capable of much more than we traditionally have expected of them. We are showing that when you create an environment in which mutual respect is the norm and children’s desire to be constructive and engaged learners is honored, all children thrive.

As a member of the international Ashoka Changemaker Schools Network and the #StartEmpathy Initiative, we share our learning with educators, policy makers and the general public, raising awareness of the importance of empathy as a core competency in the 21st Century that must be nurtured in K-12 schools.

Ultimately, we believe that as we prove the effectiveness of this model, and partner with other innovative schools in telling the story of what’s possible when you put standardization aside and focus instead on engagement and learning, we will contribute to changing the field of education for the better.

Help us improve the state of education in the United States.

Be an innovator

When you make a donation to the IDEA School, you become our partner in innovation. You are helping push the envelope in Arizona, and putting Tucson on the map with cities like San FranciscoNew York, Boston, Portland and Indianapolis, where inquiry-based and empathy-building schools like ours are thriving.

Be an innovator and support Tucson. To make a donation, call or email jayme@explorebuildlearn.org

Support Equity

More than 70% of IDEA School students attend on need-based financial aid.  We are committed to being accessible to all families — today and as we continue to grow — and we are particularly interested in continuing to enroll families for whom a private school education had previously been thought out of reach.

Your investment is critical to helping us provide this rich educational experience for all interested students and families, regardless of family income.

Support equity and a diverse group of future leaders. To make a donation, call or email jayme@explorebuildlearn.org