We are excited to share our progress with you as we continue building the IDEA School, to open August 11th with Kindergarten – 3rd Grade in downtown Tucson.  We still have a few slots available! To apply, click here.

We have been hard at work building community partnerships to enrich our students’ learning experience.  One of the things that sets the IDEA School apart is our commitment to real-world, project-based-learning grounded in student inquiry.

Every day at IDEA School, we will be actively engaged with our community, through expert presentations/activities and our strong partnerships with key community groups in downtown and beyond.

As of today, we have partnership commitments from the following organizations: the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA); the Tucson Museum of Art, Flandrau Science Center/UA STEM Center, Access Tucson, and Playformance.  We are also in the process of solidifying partnerships with the Children’s Museum, The Romero House Pottery Studio, the Pima County Library, the Arizona Rose Theater Company and others!

Additionally, we have welcomed Anita Fernandez, Director of Prescott College Tucson to our Advisory Board and have begun discussions regarding a potential internship partnership with the College. More details to come!

Announcing… Healthy Lunches!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Food Conspiracy Co-op, which will provide our students with fresh, healthy, organic, largely locally-sourced lunches every day! Food will be served family style and menus will account for the specific dietary needs of our students.

Our partnership with the Co-op’s Conspiracy Kitchen allows us to introduce our students to the science and art of healthy eating, and to sustainability and healthy living as well!  To learn more about the Co-op’s history and mission, click here.

Family-style meals will help foster our community building and help our students recognize new foods and tastes and exercise personal choice. We are very excited about this partnership.

As you can see, there are lots of exciting developments happening! We will keep you updated through the summer as we continue to put all the pieces in place.

Thank you for your support,

David and Jaime

Our commitment:

We are committed to providing a well-rounded education for our students that includes regular science, social studies, art, and physical education, along with literacy and numeracy development and project-based learning. We also are committed to nurturing our students’ social and emotional development, helping them build the kinds of skills that lead to positive adult outcomes, like collaborating well with others, taking initiative, taking healthy risks, articulating needs, and having the confidence to try again.

Finally, we are committed to building a strong community of families — with a shared commitment to the success of all our children and regular opportunities to contribute skills, talents, and expertise.

If you know a family that might be interested in this model, let them know about us.  Thank you!