Big Announcement!

We are excited to announce that the IDEA School will be located at the Tucson Museum of Art!

The Tucson Museum of Art’s Education Building is situated across the plaza from the main museum and will offer us many wonderful ammenities including a lovely courtyard for meals and play, a library full of art books and resources, and two beautiful classroom spaces… not to mention a direct link to museum staff and programming.  We will have access to the main exhibit hall, the beautiful and expansive grounds, including grassy areas and courtyards, and be in close proximity to many of our fellow downtown partners.

We are grateful to Morgan Wells, Alan Hershowitz and Marianna Pegno of the Tucson Museum of Art for facilitating this opportunity and validating the importance of our educational model, and we are excited for this fruitful partnership!

New Collaborator!

Please help us in welcoming our newest collaborator, Shana Cinquemani! We are thrilled to have Shana on our team. Shana has worked as a museum educator, a preschool teaching assistant, and an elementary and middle school art teacher, and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Division of Art and Visual Culture Education at the University of Arizona. Shana just completed a research trip to Reggio Emilia, Italy, and is a seasoned practitioner of the Reggio philosophy. Check out her bio here.

We are excited to share our progress with you as we continue building the IDEA School.  We still have a few slots available! To apply, click here.

Thank you for your support,

David and Jaime


A new model…

At the IDEA School:

Collaborators (teachers) provide authentic experiences in the community that spark imagination/creativity.

We incorporate play and experimentation with real tools and materials.

We build developmentally appropriate, challenging curriculum driven by students’ engagement and inquiry.

Learning is engaging and relevant to students and builds 21st Century skills.

Students and teachers collaborate to create detailed multi-media portfolios.

We ensure experience and exposure to vital literacy and numeracy skills.

Our commitment:

The IDEA School facilitates our students’ exploration of the real world.

We encourage students to let their passions and insights lead them in unique directions, and provide real-world tools for them to create, design, build, and explore.

We trust students to help guide, assess and defend their own learning and we believe in their ability to teach others as well.

We foster collaboration and community.

If you know a family that might be interested in this model, let them know about us.  Thank you!