Aug 29 2022

What our students are doing…

Early Childhood Room:

The Early Childhood Class, led by Clint with assistance from Marissa and support from Laura and Jaime, has been busy! They’ve been getting to know each other, learning the routines of school, and having a great time.


:sparkles:painting, reading & patterns :lower_left_paintbrush:


Pattern making at math time in the Early Childhood room


Building and construction! These students have been exploring patterns and shapes in math, and love to apply both to their creations!

With everything, it’s all about balance.

Lower Elementary Room:

In LE we learned a new math game to help us find addends of 10- “Rolling for 10s”


This week in LE we studied the “If You Give” book series by Laura Numeroff. First, we focused on the concept of goods and services. For each situation presented in the stories, students decided if the animals were asking for a good or a service. Then, we created our own stories using the same writing style as our featured author.


Reading Buddies!


Writing and sharing about the community helpers we want to be when we grow up!

Upper Elementary Room:

Inquiry with Zack has been focused on the novel, Sarah, Plain and Tall. We’ve used the story as a springboard to discuss and practice comparison, comparing Maine and Arizona, as well as the differences between fact and opinion. We’ve also started working on the ancient art of letter writing. They are the best of sports and it’s been fun getting to know them better and working toward earning their trust. We’ve been spending a good amount of time practicing classroom behaviors and sharing expectations, and we’re off to a wonderful start!


Middle School:

In Inquiry Group A with Jaime, we have been exploring poetry! We’ve read some funny poems and poetry from the book, “R is for Rhyme,” which introduced us to some of the different poetry styles and techniques. While many of us are not so sure that we will be able to write our own poems, we have enjoyed trying out some of the various techniques, including Onomatopeia and Alliteration. We are also learning about the geography of the U.S., and our favorite thing has been a game called “The Scrambled States of America.” This week we are exploring the Northeastern U.S. through poetry and play.

In Inquiry Group B, students have begun studying Mexican history, starting with the Mexican Revolution from the people’s perspective. To even further broaden our social understanding, we are reading “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck and we have been exploring questions including “How do people’s experiences shape and change their circumstances and perspectives?” and “How can poverty or wealth change a person’s life, character, and perspective?” This powerful and descriptively detailed story has also been an opportunity for us to explore the use of strong verbs and vivid adjectives.

Playing the Scrambled States of America game!

Art to show picture detail from The Pearl


Our students have been embracing all that the studio has to offer, with new surprises every day!

The Studio is exploding with excitement, exploration, creative expression and so much more. Here, we see the art of chair making (perseverance, creativity), difference of perception (make yourself through collage art), self-love, fashion design, friendship building through collective activity all throughout. We connect and engage with each other with happy noise all abound. When it’s time to switch, it’s always met with a happy…”NOOOO!!!” The happiness felt through the children in the studio reminds us how much school can be an awesome, fun and safe place to be. That is the whole vibe and energy we bring into the studio. I am so thankful they feel it here! What a great first week!


Wishing you a wonderful week!

In community,

Laura, Jaime and the IDEA Staff and Collabs